Vanessa transformed my life…

I first met Vanessa at the Whole Life Expo. She was amongst a vast array of mediums, healers, clairvoyants, palm readers, and other mindful practitioners.

I am so grateful the universe bought Vanessa into my life…she was exactly what I needed without even knowing so at the time…and how much so!

I was drawn to Vanessa who is not only professional but also very caring, compassionate and kind whilst giving you what she can.

I did feel that I instinctively trusted her; I felt at ease, safe and protected.  I felt that she genuinely wanted to help me.

That day she spent 45mins with me and I had paid for 15mins only.

Vanessa is an honest practicing healer. She has access  to  a versatile or more specific range of other honest healers.

Whatever you may be searching for in your life regarding your happiness, healthy body, mind and wellbeing I am certain Vanessa can and will help you.

Vanessa transformed my life. She introduced me to another energy healer…who is absolutely brilliant… she helped me with past tragedies in my life and to a brilliant master herbalist who successfully treated my migraines and menopause issues.

I am a completely different person now. I am happy, strong, confident, in control, and believe anything is possible.

I am thankful for Vanessa’s healings and appreciate everything she has done for me and given me.

She is a person who I would highly recommend. Her compassionate heart, intuition, healing skills, her abundant knowledge, and deep understanding are all part of the  comforting & trusting service that she provides…I know this will result in a positive outcome for you as it has done for me!

I cannot thank Vanessa enough for the change she has helped me achieve.