She courageously addressed all my challenges

I had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa when she took the time to meet with me to work through a business-related issue I needed her expertise in. At the time, in my ‘real world’ (inside and outside of work) I was going through a challenging time with many conflicts in my mind which I was trying to unpack and address – i.e. organise my own chaos!!

As I was discussing the scenario with Vanessa to seek her help, she gently asked if we could take a moment’s break from the topics we had on our agenda. She then said the simple words “Are you OK?” at which point I broke down and cried. I felt extremely unprofessional, unbalanced and out of control which is not a place I like to be, but had Vanessa’s kindness and intuition not allowed me that moment to get things off my chest, I can’t even imagine the impact that another day in my current world was going to have on me.

She courageously addressed all my challenges she felt I might be having with family, work, bullying, behaviours of being the only woman in the executive leadership team; and to my utter surprise she was precise. I was astounded in the things she could read from me having only met me 15 mins prior. She was accurate right down to even the events that took place that caused my conflicts etc. I didn’t feel uncomfortable with the discussion, in fact, I felt safe, relieved and validated. After some gentle guidance and mentoring from Vanessa and acknowledgement of what I was dealing with, I felt empowered and energised to address matters and make the changes I need to. I went home reflecting on the meeting and I thought I had met ‘an angel’!!

Vanessa is a very caring and loving-natured person who is blessed with an ability and intuition to be treasured. I have recommended Vanessa to my friends and they too have felt comfortable and safe as she guides them through their challenges. Every experience my friends and I have had with Vanessa has left us feeling positive about ourselves, acknowledged, and strong enough to take steps forward in our lives.