I was unaware of the workplace stress / bulling being experienced

Vanessa provided me the confidence and energy required to manage my mental capacity required to deal with the ‘ever changing’ workplace environment.

In my case I was unaware of the workplace stress / bulling being experienced and not knowing who to discuss these unknowns with was difficult. There are few advocates with the essential ‘hands-on’ knowledge to manage the corporate environment, which Vanessa was able to assist through to a long term successful outcome.

Inadvertently, the guidance and help provided other positive outcomes, such as relationship improvements and personal investment strategies, as they were all co-related.

I would strongly recommend Vanessa to those who are unknowingly feeling as though they are losing traction, questioning what I was doing and where I was heading, when I felt had control of my destiny.

Things change quickly and if anyone start to question or doubt what’s important in life, seek Vanessa’s help immediately.