She courageously addressed all my challenges

I had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa when she took the time to meet with me to work through a business-related issue I needed her expertise in. At the time, in my ‘real world’ (inside and outside of work) I was going through a challenging time with many conflicts in my mind which I was trying to unpack and address – i.e. organise my own chaos!!

As I was discussing the scenario with Vanessa to seek her help, she gently asked if we could take a moment’s break from the topics we had on our agenda. She then said the simple words “Are you OK?” at which point I broke down and cried. I felt extremely unprofessional, unbalanced and out of control which is not a place I like to be, but had Vanessa’s kindness and intuition not allowed me that moment to get things off my chest, I can’t even imagine the impact that another day in my current world was going to have on me.

She courageously addressed all my challenges she felt I might be having with family, work, bullying, behaviours of being the only woman in the executive leadership team; and to my utter surprise she was precise. I was astounded in the things she could read from me having only met me 15 mins prior. She was accurate right down to even the events that took place that caused my conflicts etc. I didn’t feel uncomfortable with the discussion, in fact, I felt safe, relieved and validated. After some gentle guidance and mentoring from Vanessa and acknowledgement of what I was dealing with, I felt empowered and energised to address matters and make the changes I need to. I went home reflecting on the meeting and I thought I had met ‘an angel’!!

Vanessa is a very caring and loving-natured person who is blessed with an ability and intuition to be treasured. I have recommended Vanessa to my friends and they too have felt comfortable and safe as she guides them through their challenges. Every experience my friends and I have had with Vanessa has left us feeling positive about ourselves, acknowledged, and strong enough to take steps forward in our lives.

I highly recommend working with Vanessa for any mentoring

I had the privilege of having Vanessa as my mentor for my business. I am forever grateful for her guidance and constant support throughout my journey. I highly recommend working with Vanessa for any mentoring. Big thanks once again, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.

I was utterly amazed at the effectiveness of all these natural remedies

I was in a really challenging place and experiencing a very rough time when I first was referred to Vanessa by a friend in Sydney.

After an initial consultation over Skype which was shifting and helpful she recommended some natural remedies specifically for me. Vanessa prepared and sent these via the post (I live outside Australia) which included some Bach flower essences and gem elixirs as well she recommended some some tissue salts and crystals for me.

I was utterly amazed at the effectiveness of all these natural remedies especially the flower essences, as I noticed an immediate calmness and change in my mood which improved my functioning allowing me to move forward through this dark period.

Vanessa is a caring and gifted therapist, I felt safe and secure with her and empowered as I slowly regained control of my life.

Highly recommend Wellnessa!

Vanessa was so in touch with everything that was going on in my life

I went along to the 2017 Whole Life Expo in Adelaide with the intentions of having a reading done. I was walking around the expo trying to feel who I was drawn to for a reading and after several laps of the expo there was no question I had been drawn to Vanessa for my reading. I had a numerology reading done which amazed me, how can someone I have never met before know so much about me.
I made an appointment to see Vanessa a while after the expo and during the appointment Vanessa was so in touch with everything that was going on in my life at that point. Vanessa has given me strategies which enable me to change the way I react in life, the strategies and Hypnotherapy has created a massive positive change in me and my life. I can’t thank you enough, you are truly amazing Vanessa thank you!

She knows what needs to be done to heal and overcome the past

I first met Vanessa at the Whole Life Expo in Adelaide back in Sept 2017.  After sitting with her and having a numerology reading I was convinced that this amazing lady truly knew what she was talking about.  I could not believe how accurate she was with what was happening in my life at that moment and what had happened in the past.

I was hesitant to book in to see Vanessa again as I had painful issues from the past that I knew I needed to deal with but did not want to talk about.  Vanessa made me comfortable enough to open up to her and I quickly booked in to see her again to have some healing done through hypnotherapy and hands on healing.  Since our first meeting I have seen Vanessa numerous times and always look forward to seeing her again.  Her intuition is spot on.  She knows what needs to be done to heal and overcome the past and she also can advise on what you need to do in the future and what steps to take.

Vanessa has all the time in the world for you and will listen to everything that you have to say.  She has a wealth of knowledge and is willing to share with you everything that she knows.

I feel so privileged to have met Vanessa.  She is truly a beautiful, sincere, honest and healing person who has changed not only my life but also my husband’s and I will never be able to thank her enough for what she has done for us.

She is up there with the best…

Vanessa’s knowledge of numerology is that accurate comes across as her second language.

Am still amazed how spot on she is and every time!

She has helped me over the years through numerology understand many people and situations such as potential romantic partners, employees, bosses, colleagues, family members, friends and even when I was purchasing a new home she gave me feedback on the energy of each house number which was helpful.

I have seen many, many (more than I care to remember) psychics, clairvoyants, numerologist over the last 20 plus years and she is up there with the best, am always impressed and leave the reading knowing what I needed to.

Vanessa often makes the comment that the numbers don’t lie, they certainly don’t as she has an intimate knowledge of numerology. 

I was unaware of the workplace stress / bulling being experienced

Vanessa provided me the confidence and energy required to manage my mental capacity required to deal with the ‘ever changing’ workplace environment.

In my case I was unaware of the workplace stress / bulling being experienced and not knowing who to discuss these unknowns with was difficult. There are few advocates with the essential ‘hands-on’ knowledge to manage the corporate environment, which Vanessa was able to assist through to a long term successful outcome.

Inadvertently, the guidance and help provided other positive outcomes, such as relationship improvements and personal investment strategies, as they were all co-related.

I would strongly recommend Vanessa to those who are unknowingly feeling as though they are losing traction, questioning what I was doing and where I was heading, when I felt had control of my destiny.

Things change quickly and if anyone start to question or doubt what’s important in life, seek Vanessa’s help immediately.  

Vanessa transformed my life…

I first met Vanessa at the Whole Life Expo. She was amongst a vast array of mediums, healers, clairvoyants, palm readers, and other mindful practitioners.

I am so grateful the universe bought Vanessa into my life…she was exactly what I needed without even knowing so at the time…and how much so!

I was drawn to Vanessa who is not only professional but also very caring, compassionate and kind whilst giving you what she can.

I did feel that I instinctively trusted her; I felt at ease, safe and protected.  I felt that she genuinely wanted to help me.

That day she spent 45mins with me and I had paid for 15mins only.

Vanessa is an honest practicing healer. She has access  to  a versatile or more specific range of other honest healers.

Whatever you may be searching for in your life regarding your happiness, healthy body, mind and wellbeing I am certain Vanessa can and will help you.

Vanessa transformed my life. She introduced me to another energy healer…who is absolutely brilliant… she helped me with past tragedies in my life and to a brilliant master herbalist who successfully treated my migraines and menopause issues.

I am a completely different person now. I am happy, strong, confident, in control, and believe anything is possible.

I am thankful for Vanessa’s healings and appreciate everything she has done for me and given me.

She is a person who I would highly recommend. Her compassionate heart, intuition, healing skills, her abundant knowledge, and deep understanding are all part of the  comforting & trusting service that she provides…I know this will result in a positive outcome for you as it has done for me!

I cannot thank Vanessa enough for the change she has helped me achieve.


Amazing gift…

I can’t thank Vanessa enough for everything she has done for me.

She has an amazing gift and has helped me so much over time.

Warm, caring and genuine, my guardian angel!

Natural gift and proven track record…

Vanessa is very much a natural healer and in general she is a person of fine character and above all, a good and kind-hearted person. Vanessa is a person who has a genuine desire to help and heal her clients, no matter what their affliction or problem is. She has been blessed with the natural gift and ability to accurately assess a person’s physical and mental health and wellbeing issues. Once Vanessa has completed her assessment of a person’s problems and issues, she has a proven track record to be able to find positive solutions to their problems, so that they can return to their partner, family and workplace relationships and resume their everyday lives in a very positive and effective manner. Vanessa also has access to an extensive network of health professionals who  can further enhance a person’s health and wellbeing if the person’s health issues extends beyond her wide range of skills and abilities.