My belief is we are all have God given intuition and different divination tools (tarot, numerology, runes, palmistry etc) sometimes allow us to access our intuition more deeply.

Numerology allows me to finely tune into the energy, people and situations through my intuition. I have always had a strong curiosity and fascination about the rhythm of numbers.

I have studied many numerology systems over the years and I practice Pythagorean numerology.

What areas can numerology help with?

  • Character traits – understanding our strengths and weakness
  • Career – where we will thrive
  • Relationships – how we operate within relationships
  • Love – how we love, who we love, strengths and our blind spots
  • How we communicate – understanding strengths and weakness
  • Our hidden talents and abilities
  • What is the numerology energy surrounding you at the time (universal year you are in) of the reading and how best to work within that cycle
  • And more!


Where to?

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Feedback from a numerology client.

I could not believe how accurate she was