Bullying or Toxic Workplace?

Corporate Cleanse

When you have had enough of the bullies and toxic workplaces.

In 2018 turning up and surviving the gruelling and often relentless demands of work can be very taxing and start to affect your overall enjoyment of life.

Sometimes the workplace environment is so hostile and uncomfortable that it begins to negatively impact on your health and wellbeing.

Here are some signs that a toxic workplace is impacting on you:

  • Your stomach drops every morning when the alarm goes off
  • You wrestle to get to sleep as you replay the complete ridiculousness of the day’s events
  • You constantly feel on edge and your thoughts are consumed by work
  • You second guess yourself
  • You spend more time obsessively thinking about internal politics than the work
  • Your mindset is negative and everything is a chore
  • Miserable best describes you
  • Feel exhausted, unable to be your authentic self as you need to ‘fake’ it to fit in
  • You are becoming avoidant in normal day to day activities – can’t be bothered
  • You feel drained and nothing seems to reenergise you
  • You are living in excess in other areas – eating, drinking, shopping, gambling etc
  • Other areas of your life are suffering – family, friends, hobbies and generally you are not taking care of yourself

Acknowledge that most organisations have a HR / People & Culture unit to raise any concerns with as well as often offering external free employee assistance support but this can be of little help if the issue is the workplace itself as these are part of the internal system.  Legally if things are of a serious nature and there is evidence of bullying and / or harassment you have the option to lodge workers compensation claim but is that the best way to go?

Perhaps you begin to think…….

How can I get through this without damaging my career, reputation or losing my job?

Where can I go? What can I do?  Who can I talk to? How can I improve the situation?  How can I take control? When will I be able to feel better? When will I be able to sleep through the night again? Surely there is something out there that can help me?


Perhaps consider taking an Energetic Corporate Cleanse?

What is that?

An Energetic Corporate Cleanse comprises of:

5 x 1 hour sessions providing:

  1. Meet, greet and overview of the situation & holistic medicine assessment with recommendations for supporting natural medicines that are :
  • Completely safe & without side-effects – Non-toxic
  • Assist the body to heal itself – Non-habit forming
  • Encourage the body to function at its optimum (not just be symptom free)
  • Improve health & well-being
  • Can be taken with any other medication
  1. Numerology reading to provide you with insight and possibilities
  2. Hypnotherapy session to relax and calm you
  3. Reiki to rebalance your mind, body and spirit
  4. Mentoring to help you navigate your way forward

Research indicates that there is very little practical and holistic assistance and support available for people suffering from bullies and toxic work environments.

I have worked in corporate environments in Human Resources, Wellbeing, WHS, Injury Management and Workers Compensation – managing large numbers of psychological workplace and non work related injuries / illness and successfully managed the majority of them to deliver good outcomes. Personally, I have been bullied, harassed (mentally, physically and sexually) at work and I have sadly worked in some highly toxic businesses all of which gives me a depth of understanding.

Admittedly many people may not be aware of energy healing and the benefits.

I am a mature and experienced practitioner with proven successful results in helping people get themselves destressed, rebalanced, and back on track. This in turn assists in making you better able to cope with the current workplace / situation which also gives you the opportunity to be in a place where you are able to make informed decisions for the future in your best interest.

All enquiries  are treated in confidence.

Where to?

You can book a consultation here.

For all bookings at the Adelaide Energy Healing Centre, [192 Prospect Road, Prospect on Friday’s and Saturday’s] please phone (08) 8342 4109

If you would like more information on how I can assist you, please click on the contact page and we can go from there.

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