My belief is we are all have God given intuition and different divination tools (tarot, numerology, runes, palmistry etc) sometimes allow us to access our intuition more deeply.

Numerology allows me to finely tune into the energy, people and situations through my intuition. I have always had a strong curiosity and fascination about the rhythm of numbers.

I have studied many numerology systems over the years and I practice Pythagorean numerology.

Dr D.A Phillips on Pythagorean numerology….

In around 529BC Pythagoras developed an adaptation of the simple numeric system to a symbolic representation of human life and expression. It is essentially this system we employ today in our mathematic and numerically in our logical search for the meaning of life.

Within in each person is beautiful light just waiting to shine forth, a beautiful being just aching for expression. Each person really is two people – that which we freely express in the image that we suppress all too frequently in the real person, the Inner Self. In associating with other people and through exposure to our environment we become known by the image we create. But we sell ourselves far too short for the image can never hold a light to the beauty and grandeur of the Inner Self. It is time for the Inner Self to become less of a stranger. Its acute sensitivity is often mistaken for vulnerability, causing it to be encircled by our psychological wall. In that manner, stifled it needs airing, exercise and expression. We commence to discover the secrets of the Inner Self when we start to understand who we are, from where we have come, our purpose and where we are going. Answers to these investigations remain secrets only so long as we fail to discover the deep, yet profound simple meaning of life.

In different ways, we are all searching. Some people search unconsciously, being hardly aware of the search and less aware of what they seek. Others are searching blindly, looking for something which they would fail to recognise even if found, for they keep hoping it is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Religion and politicians keep these hopes alive, always promising something better but neve seeming to deliver the good. Thinking sensitive people need more answers from life, they need guidance not promises. 

Rediscovering Pythagoras life’s jigsaw puzzle at last became a picture of beauty. They cast off the limitations of mere measurement to which modern science had unthinkingly relegated them, resuming them to a role of symbols, custodian of the keys to higher knowledge. Numbers became recognised as the hieroglyphs of infinite knowledge, representing the many human environmental characteristics to understand. Our method of achieving this is through an understanding of the symbols by which qualities appear in life. Employing simple numbers, he formulated a system by which the known became the known.

What is the history of numerology?

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chaldeans, Hindus, Hebrew, Babylonians, Assyrians all developed numerological systems of their own which have evolved over time and have been adapted to be applied in this century.

What is numerology?

Numerologist believes that we are not born at a set day or time randomly but more so at a predetermined point in time to learn important lessons of the soul for THIS lifetime. Some may even call it destiny.

Numerology is also a character analysis which uses numbers derived from dates of birth and names to help answer the age old question of ‘Who am I?’. Numerology allows us to take an objective look at ourselves to discover our innate abilities and talents as well.

What areas can numerology help with?

  • Character traits – understanding our strengths and weakness
  • Career – where we will thrive
  • Relationships – how we operate within relationships
  • Love – how we love, who we love, strength and our blind spots
  • How we communicate – understanding strengths and weakness
  • Our hidden talents and abilities
  • What is the numerology energy surrounding you at the time (universal year you are in) of the reading and how best to work within that cycle

Where to?

You can book a consultation here.

For all bookings at the Adelaide Energy Healing Centre, [192 Prospect Road, Prospect on Friday’s and Saturday’s] please phone (08) 8342 4109

If you would like more information on how I can assist you, please click on the contact page and we can go from there.

Feedback from numerology clients.

Vanessa’s knowledge of numerology is that accurate it comes across as her second language.


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